i have absolutely failed at keeping up with xanga at home =(

it’s so relaxing, not having to do anything… staying up till whenever, waking up whenever (though it’s hard to break the cycle when i actually DO have to wake up early.. then i just get a headache for the rest of the day… which is what i think christmas this year might be like >.>)
and it’s rather nice getting back in touch with old friends.. it’s so hard to balance time (zero sum game!! i don’t think i’ll ever forget this phrase from hdf304) between old and new friends, new friends and acquaintances, new and haven’tmetyet new acquaintances….

but whatever. home time is for family and home friends.

i like.. old navy, target, kroger, oldish songs that evoke memories of a more peaceful past, hanging out with no stress/worries, reading a bunch

yay for you’ve got mail dvd from kroger =) although i have a bad habit of watching fanatically when movies i like are on tv, but tend to leave the dvds alone (i’m getting better though!)


one week of 2008 left… most of which i will be spending in san antonio, home of the spurrrrrrs!