i fell asleep after i got back home while reading on the couch..
and when i woke up, i had this feeling of.. forgetting something. as in, i forgot to do something that was due and woke up a little stressed out about it… hopefully it was just a dream that i can’t remember, cuz i can’t think of anything in real life..
its so strange that i’ve been back since this afternoon, when it feels like i’ve been back forever already.. these couple days have seemed extremely long and drawn out, so much so that the things i do in the morning seem like they happened the day before, if not even longer ago…

so much for straight Bs… i seriously need to buckle down next semester, or there’ll be no point in me being in the program at all..
God, why am i in school?

maybe this one+ months of nothingness here will get all the fun out of my system

haha i just realized… this is the first day in a longgg time i didn’t brush my hair at all