i’m going crazy with xanga…

but it SNOWED in austin! 2 out of 3 years… we must be a lucky class =)
freshmen + junior yearrrr
although i didn’t get to take good pics.. it was either all dark or only water was visible.. no snow pics =(
but it’s all good.. it was freezing out there.. after a rather hot day (kinda strange cuz it felt like 70/80 degrees randomly.. i guess it’s kinda like the calm before the hurricane strikes majorly..)

ALSO…today i FINALLY started and FINISHED my first xmas present of 2008. it took a grand total of… 5 hours -_-  something so simple, and yet i’ve learned that both MS Word and my HP printer despise me and want me to suffer as much as possible, and thus they collaborated to make this project extreeeeemely frustrating. but HAH. i’ve finished. so there.

it’s fun to give people stuff, but at the same time it’s really annoying (aka time consuming) trying to figure out what to give and who to give to.