why is such a bad song so catchy =(

– you’re gonna go far, kid (the offspring)

i used to think i wasn’t that bad at prioritizing.. my priorities were just a little off from other ppl’s
but other people’s opinions don’t really matter, right?
(i try to tell myself this especially when getting compliments.. its a LOT easier to accept criticism – though it still stings – than it is to be gracious about compliments..)
and now.. i realize that no i’m not. i’m horrible at balancing and prioritizing. it’s just..when it comes to school and the like, i don’t mind as much, because they’re not as important to me.  i’m bad at balancing and divvying up my time for homework, but you know what, i can convince myself that i’m spending it on people, which is a much better and worthy investment.  so i don’t mind that i suck at prioritizing and balancing in this aspect.
but now i realize… i can’t balance people at all.  either i’m at one extreme or the other, with one group or another.  why is life so complicated… why can’t we all just be one big group of friends and let that be? unfortunately, not everyone gets along equally well with all people.. some people mesh better with others..and that’s life. ugh.

now i’m back to the whole “i don’t like change”.  now my reasons are.. once you experience change, chances are you end up experiencing something new.  and when you experience that new thing, it means you now have something to compare.. old vs new.  and no matter how much you would like it to be equal, that’s not how life is =( and since everyone is experiencing change and new stuff, it’s not even something that can be under your control, either.

go with the flow…..

so not ready for school and the onslaught of insane week, which starts in approximately 1 hr 15 min…