as a prime example of how i’ve grown old…

yesterday was the first time this school year i pulled an actual all-nighter. as in.. no sleeping whatsoever (aka 30 min/1 hr/ 2hr naps)
i tried waking my mom up at 6am to hit the stores, but she just mumbled incoherently, so i asked if she would rather wait until 7…and then we went to wal-mart/target/office depot/lunch with everyone/old navy/borders/mall/barnes/kroger/dinner/teahouse =)
and i finally got back about 20 min ago, which would mean i was out from 7:30am-8:40pm.. (minus total of about 1 hr in between stops).. long day?

but yes, i couldn’t stay awake AT ALL. usually, i have about half a day’s worth of energy to run off of when i pull an all-nighter.  and then towards the later afternoon, i absolutely crash.

instead, i spent my entire day 75% asleep… i could barely comprehend what was going on around me as i walked from store to store, looking at the not-so-great sales = and the moment i got in the car, i was out like a light… it got so that my mom would tell me to help her find a parking spot, and next think i know, we were already parked. somewhere far from the view i last saw >.> and when i took a shower before heading back out for lunch… i fell asleep for brief moments both in and out of the shower -_- wonderful….
oh well. it’s tradition in the making.. i didn’t sleep last year either =)

frozen tapioca is a little annoying..but then it makes up for it by defrosting in your mouth =)

i would like some more thanksgiving break, please.