this is so dumb it warrants its own xanga post…but i’ve been meaning to write one for the past couple of days, so everything will just be lumped together =)
last night, i turned on the tv, hoping for something mindless to watch while reading..and all i got were like.. 3 channels and a lot of fuzzy static-ness.  i auto-programmed, thinking the electricity went haywire or something, and eventually programmed the tv so that it only flipped between those three channels -_- so today, when my mom walked in, i asked her if she knew what was going on with the tv… we checked it out again (she did auto-program too!), but it seemed like a hopeless cause.
suddenly…i had a flash of insight, and i pointed to a white wire on the floor…”is that the cable wire thing?” “YES!”
in my attempt to unscrew my sega genesis to bring it up to UT about.. 2 months ago, when i last visited, i unscrewed about all the wires connected to the tv..including the cable =(
at least now it’s fixed…with better quality, too!
ahhh the extent of my braniac-ness haha

it’s nice seeing people post on xanga again… being the nosy person that i am, i enjoy reading up on the random things people think about =)

i’m currently back home, laying on my bed, listening to “love story”, which, unfortunately, has been stuck in my head on and off for the better part of 3 weeks… i don’t mind the song, but constantly repeating songs eventually get on my nerves…
reading count since coming back home: 1 (daniel x.. i don’t really recommend it.. the writing’s sorta strange..kiddyish)
we were supposed to go to the driving range and play a little golf (something i haven’t done since a REALLY long time ago..) if i woke up early enough today (i woke up at 9:30ish!), but my dad’s still suffering from jet lag, so my mom told me to let him sleep… maybe we’ll go sometime before i leave *crosses fingers* on the bright side, i played some pool, ping pong, and basketball yesterday! =)

there isn’t much to get during black friday… so far i’m just looking to browse dvds and books..i don’t think stationery is up for sale sad.  i’m kinda excited about thinking of people and christmas presents, but the sucky thing is that you can’t give everyone people will be left out =  and i think the thing that scares me the most is…what if i leave off someone who doesn’t leave me off? then i’d feel extra sucky.  although when i think about the reverse…what if someone leaves me off that i didn’t.. i don’t mind at all.  giving’s a LOT more fun than receiving, especially if u don’t really know what to do with the things you receive haha >.>

so much stuff slated for this weekend =) i’m excited.  although i think there’s about.. half a day or one day to fit in all my hang out i’m not sure how that will work out…

this year… i’ve become anti-school.  it’s a total 180 from my middle school days, when i was all about the grade. now i’m like.. the grade? it’s just a number.. it’s just’s more than that. and i don’t disagree, it’s just… the grades and school ARE somewhat important, especially at this stage in our lives… someone knock some sense into me! thx.

anyways, on..tuesday i woke up at 8 instead of 6, and spent about 40 min finishing up the formatting and printing of our MIS group significant assignment #3.. so instead of sneaking into class with only half an hour or so left, i walked slowly there, enjoying the early morning weather, and sat outside the room waiting for class to let out so i could turn it in.. lucky me, that was the one day where it actually paid off to go to class, cuz apparently he talked about stuff we needed for our next assignment (due who knows when)…
and after my last class of the day, i was walking past the b-school, down the hill, looking around at my surroundings… and i see a red car parked, so i glanced inside… at that very moment, the person inside looked up….and smiled and waved.
it was my MIS professor… who apparently recognizes me. and thus probably figured that i skipped his class that morning >.< sigh.

2.5 years in college… it seems so little, especially when the time flies as it does, and yet so many things have changed in that time… crazy

spontaneously hanging out and just talking in the randomest places is fun =)

oh yes. HAPPY TURKEY DAY 2008!