i momentarily forgot about this, but yesterday, as i was rushing to finance, i popped out of the stairwell on the 1st floor, and this housekeeping lady was vacuuming the hall.  i wasn’t exactly sure what to do, since i couldn’t exactly walk past the vacuuming machine, so i just followed behind, while making a bit of noise so as to not give her a heart attack.  she was still surprised to see me behind her, though, when she finally turned around..
then she asked me how i was doing, and i replied “pretty good..just a little sick =)”
and i THINK she was about to say “let me pray for you”, but she ended up with “let me pr…” *walked over to me* “you know how in the movies and everything people always say ‘lay hands on you’? well let me lay hands on you”  so she did.

while this seems like an insignificant story, i thought it was a nice experience.
i’m constantly amazed at how a lot of the housekeeping staff keep up their spirits and are always so friendly… they always have a greeting or a smile.. well when i see them at least..

i hope that God will be able to use me and work through me like i’ve seen Him work through the people around me =)