yay 4-5 and counting =)
playing the 1-8 clippers tonight…*crosses fingers*

1. stay away. i have unexplicably gotten more and more sick over the past 2 wks -_- wonderfulll
i took my meds, went to sleep at 1 or whatever like a good girl, and set my alarm for 7.5 hours later (REM cycle and all, right?). instead, i woke up at 10:15 and now i’m tired again… i kinda zoned out for my FIN class too.. only perked up when the prof spoke about mark cuban and his possible insider trading..  whatta year for dallas..
2. great. i don’t remember what this is anymore… oh well. thurs is supremely busy day, as is saturday.. ok time for more sleep =)
3. journaling takes a really long time -_- and hurts my hand…
4. it’s COLD inside. i like my elf-ish inside shoes
5. VOTE!!!!! 2009 all-star voting began today (i think, if not slightly earlier)
if u dunno who to vote for… tony parker, manu ginobili (west guards), tim duncan (west forwards), and then you can randomly vote for the people with the funniest names if u want.. i don’t care much about the others =)   go to: http://www.nba.com/allstar2009/asb/eng/daily.html
will add more when the thoughts come back