going back to my “goals” or “priorities” a few weeks/months ago, i’m going to add under “2. people” this:
-be more open

and not the “open to talk to people and reveal random stuff from life” or whatever type of open, because [and not to sound braggy about it] i feel like i’m not that bad in that field. but open as in “open to try new things, to stop saying no” if that makes any sense. because i’ve realized.. actually i only realized this yesterday haha.. that i’m missing out on a lot of things, a lot of opportunities, because of my own stubborness or pride or whatnot.  because i have certain prejudices or trains of thoughts.  so instead of fuming about it or thinking negatively or whatever i tend to do in those cases… i can do something about it.  i can put myself on the line by trying things out, by trying to heal whatever i can (if it’s in God’s will) by actually doing it. instead of trying to direct things as an outsider or trying to forge my own path, it makes a lot more sense to merge on and do whatever i’m supposed to do through that. and if it doesn’t work out, no worries. God’s got my back =)
i guess that’s how i’m slowly growing this year… rather than depending on people (although i agree that people are where they are because God’s placed them there), i’m trying to depend more on God, on what I feel He’s calling me to do.  so i guess…hopefully i learn to hear Him better and more accurately…

sorry readers, i’ve lapsed back to my vague language =)

as an aside… it’s freezing now! austin and it’s sudden change in weather.. my poor fingers are half frozen and keep making typos =(

1.5 wks before thanksgiving break!
+1 wk post-thanksgiving school in the semester
+ 2 days of rest/cramming
+ 1 wk of exams
= approx. 4 wks until WINTER BREAK/end of semester

i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again:
it’s amazing how time flies….