this week’s been pretty bad sleep-wise..
i think this is the least amount of sleep i’ve gotten (from last thurs night to now).. well this year at least.  seeing as in previous years i always either 1) forced myself to stay up the latest in the room or 2) forced myself to stay up past 3am everyday cuz for some reason i thought sleeping before 3 was wayyy too early >.>

i was so smart back then.

on the bright side, i haven’t been keeping up fanatically with the tv shows i usually keep up with throughout the week, and i don’t feel that rushed to finish them, either.  i think it’s cuz i’ve been reading and writing a lot more, which is always fun and stress-relieving =)

i clean a LOT now.  i vacuum about every other day, and sometimes it makes me feel like a maid >.< but i guess i’m a lot more OCD than i ever realized..

today was the first day i actually skipped a class (again, this semester).  the other time i “skipped” was when it was a review session for our test (the prof didn’t go either!).. although.. since it was a guest speaker today – and the prof didn’t show, from what i heard – it’s not much of a skip i guess

i think God has grown me quite a bit this year, which is really cool, seeing as it’s only been less than a whole semester.  which means…. i’m looking forward to what else God can do with me in the near future =)  *crosses fingers* hopefully i’m much better at listening and obeying then!

xTAX case competition tmrw…