i’m sure i had a pretty awesome thought to write about either right before i went to sleep or when i woke up. and surprise surprise. no awesome thoughts left in my head =(

i was late to 2 out of 2 classes today! i found that funny =)

need to journal and walk around more.

God’s time, not mine.

I think life gets a lot easier when you just leave it up to God
but getting to that point takes quite a bit of effort..

oh yeah! i think how i work is… kinda strange. so i have a theory where.. the more energetic a person is, the less i am.. to keep the balance maybe?  but then i think about other experiences i’ve had, and it doesn’t seem very true… so this might be a lie.  as of right now, though, it seems that if a person is really loud and boisterous and erm.. openly interested in knowing about stuff, i shrink back and clam up.  actually, i’m not really sure. ok nvm i dunno anything.

[waiting for the next amazing thought to come into my head]