i woke up at 8:17am today, to the sound of the water running through the pipes next door, where (i presume) one of my neighbors was taking a shower.
early, you think?
not so.
my alarm was set for 7:30am, and i had told two people to give me wake up calls the previous night. one person when she woke up (~7:10/15), and the other when she set off for her 8am (~7:30ish).  i guess i already had some notion that i might not be able to obey my own alarm’s call to awake, as i foolishly slept at about 3am.  [on the bright side, rides for retreat are pretty much finished set ^^]

i woke up at 8:17am today, and along with the time that flashed across the face of my phone, so did another number. 17. the number of missed calls i had, combined from the two people who tried rather hard to wake me up.  i guess this just goes to show that if i don’t wake up the first 2 times, there’s no point in trying harder =

anyways, the end result was that i showed up late to my videographing shift from 8-9am for the professor who’s in charge of the program this year… lucky me.  i showed up at 8:23, waited until 8:30 for that presentation to be over, and walked in to apologize …and to be dismissed from that shift… she was rather polite about it though, hinting with an “oh don’t you have to go?” [and as i am not clueless, i agreed that yes, i had to go…]

not a great experience or start of the week.  but i guess i could use this as a lesson…
besides the obvious fact that i am now apparently too old to sleep at 3am expecting to wake up at 7:30am…
…maybe i should put less emphasis on getting money through videographing work and focus more on school.  everyone tells me that my first priority should be school, and i guess i agree externally.  but it’s fun to say “hey i earned x amount this week/month/etc” with a rather simple job — granted i don’t get to do homework like other people, but this also allows me the chance to network with professors (given that i don’t screw up their classes by not showing up) and even some other students as well.  so i try to make as much time as possible for “working”, because i guess deep down (or not even so deep), i’m one of those shallow people who enjoy making money >.>
so no matter how this turns out (which i’m hoping it won’t turn out as great as it can, so i don’t have to make a difficult decision), i think today helped a lot with my schedule-planning for next semester =)

i guess i’ll revert back to normal days instead of this hard/easy pattern i’m going through right now…

10:30am. what else is God gonna tell me today?

so if all goes as planned, i have my schedule for next semester.  forget videographing — at least for hours upon hours, as previously planned… schedules should only be planned around people, not money =)
i walked into my fin357 class today, and saw a completely diff guy erasing the board
utterly confused, i was about to walk right back out, when i decided. oh what the heck, this day hasn’t gone that well, might as well try my luck. and then i recognized a few faces.. guess i was just earlier than usual…
and we went through example problems in class, which should help a whole bunch next week for the test =)
as for tonight… smgp, pm, and then whatever happens, happens. i’ll try my hardest to study as much as i can, and maybe i’ll learn to live w/o sleep for awhile… too much of anything is never good anyways. we’ll see.