even though time flies in college, one year is actually still quite a long time..

that winter break cruise to mexico seems AGES ago, but it’s still been less than a year, surprisingly.  no blood donating until next semester…
apparently you forget most info within 72 hrs (3 days), so in a year… chances are you’ll forget everything.. how do u keep the passion going year-long? one week is hard enough for me… and even in things like fantasy basketball, i start losing interest towards the end of the season..
desktop wallpapers aren’t enough… emails aren’t enough… roller coaster highs and lows?
question: how to stop?
answer: no idea…
better answer: God, help please.

T minus 7-8 months(ish)!

goal in college: find a “meredith”
goal in life: uhh..
tentative/far-fetched goal in life: build something or reach someone there…one day

i think it’s hard to be honest about real goals and expectations, because it just shows your vulnerability, in a way.. what you hope for in the future… and on the flip side.. what you would be disappointed by.
and i guess it’s something along the lines of truly being kept accountable.. because then people are like.. didn’t you say you wanted to do this or be that?  your actions don’t reflect it…
so much pressure =(
easier to just think about these things and don’t let people know. then the only pressure you get is from yourself, right?  too bad it’s the easy way out, since if you don’t pressure yourself, nothing happens……….

it’d be pretty cool if someone understood exactly what i mean when i speak in vague riddle-ish terms.. no questions asked..

wayyyy past my bedtime! =(