woke up at 1ish today… watched the 2nd half of the game.. GO TEXAS! 45-35 =) hah. too bad there was no crying shot at the end… but it was exciting.. so close for the most part.. i guess i’m not a huge football fan or whatever, but even sports i’m not as interested in can draw my attention with the heart and soul the athletes play with.. maybe i’m just really watching for their passion.. and a bit of school pride =)  i think for most sports, even if i don’t especially think i like them, i just get drawn to watching if it’s on tv…*shrug*

anyways, i spent all day in the room… that’s pretty crazy, i don’t think i’ve done that before.. and yet it was pretty cool as well =) time flies… and its pretty much the end of the weekend now =(

skipping church (ah i feel kinda strange about that), but i don’t think i wanna spend like.. 2 hrs on lunch after church and get back at 3 or whatever….. as a compromise, i’m gonna wake up and not waste that time… =

i think a pet peeve i have is people chewing with their mouths open… its less the visual part, but the hearing part.. and yes my hearing stinks, but when people chew with their mouths open, i can hear them chewing and eating… and i don’t think i’m all that interested in hearing people eat…

next semester classes seem disgusting.. 15 hrs of business? oy vey..