whoops. neglect of xanga (and a lotta other stuff…)
give and take situations… what’s that term.. zero-sum!
if you give to something, you must also take away from something else, because time is a zero-sum.. situation? *shrug*

thus the time i am spending to keep up on tv shows has taken away from time i could do.. other stuff — i don’t think i regret it (yet) =)

last night, we found a roach in our room =(
so i ended up sucking it into my handheld vacuum, and helen turned it off over the toilet, where it fell out by itself.. apparently was too big to actually get sucked in all the way.. yay. the vacuum was also dumped into the toilet in shock, but it still lives, so i guess it’s more resilient than i expected =)
turns out this wasn’t the first one (like i thought)….
there was another even bigger one spotted in the bathroom several weeks ago……….
UGH. we had ladybugs last year.. pretty cool, and they just stayed on our walls and ceilings and out of the way..
roaches are huge and ugly and disgusting and just really dirty -_-
stupid lower floors…

and then i stayed up until 5am, waiting and watching a bit of grey’s.. does it come out at 4am now? that’s so late.. i fell asleep halfway cuz i got too tired =(
5 hours of sleep? is this why i oversleep on weekdays even though i get tons of hours of rest??

i find it so crazy how days can sometimes seem SO LONG, but in the bigger picture, weeks end up flying by – and thus semesters and years as well.. why does that happen?
there are days when, by even mid-to-late afternoon, i accidentally think the things that happened in the morning happened a day ago, or maybe more.  when i remember it was just that same morning, it’s a really strange feeling… long days.  but long days should be good, no? more time to do more stuff… but in the same token, the days just keep chugging along, and before you know it, it’s the end of the week, and it’s time to start all over again. maybe it’s the routine.. but in high school it was even more of a routine, and i never really felt this way… but perhaps it was cuz i looked forward to college more than i look forward to working life.. i dunno.
or maybe because we have each class 2-3 times a week, so by the 2nd class, the week’s already over. i’m a junior, and that’s still a somewhat strange concept…25ish classes, and the semester’s over!

ok enough theorizing. back to grey’s =)