i dunno how this is gonna end up working out, or even if it’ll work out, but i was just thinking about my priorities in life… i guess to start small, my priorities for this semester — actually, to be more accurate, what i want/hope my priorities will be for this semester =)

1. God
2. people
3. school (aka grades)
4. other stuff (me/fun/etc)

i’m sure this is an oversimplified version of a real list, but that’s all i could think of… and i really hope it’ll work out without too much damage.
though i don’t think my parents will like my listing “grades” so low.. =

for reasons unknown, i really can’t get myself into studying and reading.. no matter how good my intentions, nothing ever gets done. and i do the useless stuff (like reading hdf when it’s not due) rather than the important things (studying for finance/tax and writing my case papers)

i wish God could just… send one of those tv looking angels that glow and shine brightly and have halos and wings.. and have them say “hey yw, this is what God wants you to study, to major in, to be. so do it.” then i’d have some confirmation that i’m not doing the wrong thing, and no matter how tough it got, i’d know that it was God’s plan for me…

i miss… spiritual/deep/thinking conversations…

actually, i think my dream job would be a listener. not a shrink or psychologist or whatever, but you know how in the kleenex or whatever commercials they’re like “people just need someone who’s willing to listen”? i wanna be one of those people.
too bad it’s not an actual job =