it’s wonderful how i’m already behind in all of my classes… why can’t we just learn from class. what’s the point of reading -_- if they don’t teach it to us during lectures, then it can’t be that important, right? seriously…
well. that’s my point of view anyways.

also, it’s great how my mouth/gums/cheekmuscles routinely swell about once a week. too bad when i made a special trip home to get it looked at, there was NOTHING WRONG. because the possible infection had resolved itself. but i guess that was due to prayers and God’s superpowers.
it’s just a little annoying how it’s happening again — except on the other side. and this one has yet to go back to normal. so my face is a bit unbalanced right now…and motrin isn’t helping much… 6 hrs is pretty long, when u think about it.
i wonder how long this will keep up…

the funny thing is, last night i was just telling myself to set a goal of being less negative. at least publicly. to be nicer and more encouraging. i know i make fun of myself and everyone around me (it’s called sarcasm!), but it’s something i don’t need to do. i guess. and complaining never helps anything. it’s just a waste of time (which i’m already quite fantastic at).

tomorrow’s thursday. which means tonight’s gonna suck. but THEN comes friday!
unfortunately, one of my classes decided to reschedule a tuesday class for this friday -_- which means i’ll be in there twice in a row. tax is just so much fun…
and accounting refresher courses friday afternoons as well…
but since they’re optional, at least i can feel like i don’t have class.
and they’re in the way of volunteering, so no more of that for me… dunno how that’s gonna work out.

even though i’m kinda anti-business…everything i’ve done so far (besides my courses) are all FOR business. go figure.

i think a general goal this year is to be more courageous =)
and less of a pushover…
and to keep up with emails!

ok time for meeting.