i thought i had pseudo jetlag… i mean, i got tired, but i didn’t wanna go to sleep cuz jetlag seems kinda fun..being awake randomly and using the excuse “oh i just came back from overseas”. besides, olympics are on asia-time, so why not?

that was day 1. slept after 6am (though now that i think about it, that’s kinda what i did before i left for asia…) and woke up at 1:40ish to my mom’s frantic.. we gotta go your appointment’s at 2!

ok a simple wisdom teeth dentist type appointment… x-ray..everything’s normal.. a little tired still..
and then…
“hmm i can make space for you this thurs at 8:15”

whattttt… i thought i was gonna get it done in december -_-
so much for having a relaxing last week hanging out w/ friends (although i kinda feel antisocial and just wanna watch olympics –michael phelps!– all day… volleyball didn’t use to seem that exciting…*shrug*)
oh well. diff ppl have diff “getting better” timelines.. and pain tolerances =P so i guess i’ll just have to wait and see

oh btw i went to sleep some time after olympics coverage (i’m guessing b/t 11pm-12am) and i randomly woke up at 3:30am… yay.

if i force myself not to sleep until about 10pm tonight, maybe i’ll conk out and sleep like a baby until i have to get up at 8 tmrw morning…

whatta welcome back..