ahhhhhh wtheck

i think they’ve gone and done it seriously this time! (but i will check again tomorrow..)
there’s only about what.. less than 4 days left, and when i tried getting onto the facebook homepage, the url changes into: http://sgkfepymb01wae01.keppelom.com:15871/cgi-bin/blockpage.cgi?ws-session=268496177

and gmail chat is most definitely gone…so sad!
also i feel a little bad cuz it seems like i’ve gone and caused all these extra blockings… so if they’re really blocked, i escape with only a few days of annoyance, whereas all the other people here (if they find out and want to use these outlets) are blocked for life! =
way to go…(me) haha >.<

although, i’m holding on to some hope because the other websites i try to access don’t show that url

[sidenote] ok that was just kinda… strange/awkward >.<
my dad asked me to find like the head of human resources or whatnot to ask for a reference letter for my time here.. so i went in looking for him but his secretary told me he was out… a few minutes later she came and found me and brought me to him. and after talking to him for a little while, he came and brought me back to the place where i work and introduced me to the boss of finance (who i see around a lot and just talked to a few days ago… that was just awkward) and now we’re having lunch tomorrow?!?!? aiya… and EVERYONE was staring when we walked in to the office and to the boss’s room >.< and when we walked out too….sigh. this is why i don’t go looking for people…and ask my dad to do it instead =) too bad he’s in houston right now.. or at least flying there i’m not sure

anyways back to sites… when i try to access meebo and even espn.com, it automatically goes to a microsoft search site and shows meebo and espn as the first on the list in their respective searches, but it doesn’t allow me to click on them (like they have faulty links or whatnot)… so different could be good, right? *crosses fingers*

oh yeah so dark knight viewing 2nd time round last night… traveled all the way to bedok (got there at about 6:30 maybe?) grabbed something to eat, and went to watch in the…er.. simplest theater i’ve seen in quite awhile… i think i figured out one part that i missed my 1st time, so that’s good =) it was funny though, i saw a fly/mosquito/bug buzzing around a few times in the air near the screen and the sound quality was a bit iffy.. their voices kept changing pitch haha and then halfway through there was a “A325” or something that blinked for a few seconds.. so random. but it’s cheap, and that’s all that matters ^^

tiong bahru (mini) night market for the past two days… it’s not thatttt great, but stuff there is cheap, and i like looking at random things. still have yet to hit a big popular store to see what they have..oh well. i got something really cool at the night market though =) and also saw a few flashlights (a lot of bulbs! and also the non-battery operated ones) but my mom refused to let me buy them cuz i already have a lot from HK (and from home too..) i think i have a slight weakness for really bright/cheap flashlights… so strange.. though really i can’t use all of them at once… so there’s no point, especially since the ones i like all look the same and are pretty much the same..

nothing to do again (so far) i seriously think i’ve been doing this so long that they’ve run out of stuff. good thing there’s not that much time left… though i think i’ll miss the routine and the somewhat discipline of waking up earlier. oh on that note… i overslept today and totally missed the bus (2nd/3rd time i think?) so my mom had to drive me here >.< oh and i heard that gas prices went down 10cents here so that’s pretty good..