friday was a good day =)
it started when God gave us green lights all the way to the bus stop (and then my mom told me she got all green on the way back as well… the bus to work wasn’t as lucky, but who cares it just means more rest time..)
and then i guess i was nicer to the ppl around me… a lot of it due to the “today is a good day” mentality that stemmed from the green lights…

anyways, yesterday was BUSY. church, lunch, and then 6 hours of standing.. from 5, when i met up w/ jennchen to walk to the street party, to 5:30 when we got there to see a short waiting line (we were.. 28th i think? in line.. ) — although one girl there said she’d been there since 12. crazy… she was able to get pictures with some daughtry band members though, so i guess if she was that much of a die-hard fan it was worth it? the place opened at 7:10ish, and after two local (i guess? i’ve never heard of them or their songs and they had accents…) bands and one really annoying dj (he remixed normal songs into like 5-7 min techno songs -_-) daughtry came on stage! and he played like 9 songs? *shrug* yay for being in the front, although some annoying girls were screaming their heads off at a ridiculous pitch and ruined my left ear. it throbs a little when i stick in loud music =( sigh. i guess it’ll take a little longer to be completely healed… but jenn got a guitar pic (signed!) and i got tons of close up pics haha so it’s all good… S$15 per ticket for a concert i’m sure would probably have cost more back in the US
[singaporeans singing american songs with their accents i find a little strange though…]
got home at about 11:30
took a shower
dead tired (as usual)…


and now i’m back in the office… got a new really nice looking bus today.. it was like those comfortable greyhounds almost.. tour bus ish =)