storytime =)

so a few nights ago, we were watching a tv show about volleyball…
apparently these two really good friends stayed friends even though one (kinda doesn’t know when to stop bragging/etc) indirectly “caused” the death of the other’s sister (twin?/close friend) by insisting that she kept playing even while she was sick so she ended up hitting a pole and dying — or something like that. anyways, at the end of that night’s episode, the two girls were really angry at each other and decided to stop being friends… over a guy.
my mom and i laughed about how stupid it was..that they stayed friends through so much but quit because of a guy…..
so then my sister (who likes acting as if she knows everything and always has something to add no matter what) goes… “yeah it’s just a BOY. she can just go get another one!”
[mom + me laugh]
then, as i was going back to my room, my sister (who i guess wanted to recover her dignity although she didn’t really understand what happened exactly), amended her previous line to: “or… they can just take turns!”
i guess this is what the younger generation’s learning now.. (man i sound so old like this haha)

anyways, the day i did OT was quite messy….
OT itself was fine.. i just continued working — though it seems when ppl “do OT”.. it consists of a lot of talking to whoever’s left (minus me cuz i’m antisocial and a workaholic like that) until 6 and then just waiting for the siren to go off at 6:20 and then line up to beep for time out at 6:30…
but anyways..time went by rather quickly
and then i went out to find my bus (buses leave about 8 min after the bell rings).
i walk outside to find…. a billion buses all around the shipyard.
at 6:30… the OT buses number more than the 4:30 crew… usually it’s like an “L” shaped set up… 1-2 buses on the right, perpendicular to like 6-8 buses facing the main gate to leave. and then 2 buses outside the gates, parallel to those facing the gates..
at 6:30… its almost a square (minus the top line)… located around the yard.
so i look to the line of buses on my right, see “G” and “J” and figure that “H” should probably be around there somewhere… i head off in that direction
…and keep walking
…and keep walking
and then i see that third row of buses (that doesn’t exist at 4:30!), panic, and speedwalk over there
to find…. not my bus.
now i’m starting to panic..what if i’m too slow and the buses pull out before i FIND THE RIGHT ONE?!
so i extraspeedwalk, and i find my bus in the middle of the straight row of buses facing the main gate….
good exercise..walking around the yard >.<
i get off at a mrt bus stop, arrive at the mrt station, where an mrt train has just arrived. as i remember i usually take the route to boon lay, i hop on a few sec before the doors close and it leaves the station. whew. got that covered. i then proceed to text my mom, both assuring her that i’m on the mrt and showing her that i know how to get on the right train at the same time. “boon lay, right?” “no.”
………… uh oh. so she calls me and informs me that i’m on my way back to the shipyard (in that direction, anyway). so i get off the mrt, and cross over to the other side. except its an interchange stop, and that interchange track (other colored line with a different route) was in the middle. so i had to get off, go down, go back up, and wait for the right mrt…. took me about an hour to meet up with my parents.. at the bright and early time of 8pm.

oh well. one week left. i’ll conquer OT’s troubles soon enough =)