the month’s almost over.
tis funny how quickly time goes by…
i remember the first day as i was being led around and introduced to people, i was told that “a month goes by quickly,” to which i replied “haha umm i don’t think so…”
[in my defense… who knew i would be able to handle waking up at 5:30 for a whole month? and that i’d get used to being out from 5:50-5:50 5 days of the week?? –whoa that’s a lotta 5s haha]
but yup i got used to it.. and like i’ve said before.. it’s fun and i guess it just feels better being somewhat productive (and i say somewhat because paperwork isn’t all that..meaningful i suppose… but *cue broken record* i feel better about being able to take away the meaningless stuff to give others more time to work on the more important stuff) =)

my mom drove my dad to the office today, and then they called to ask me to step out for a little while to meet the “big bosses”… too bad only 2 of them were actually in their offices… that was kinda a waste of time. it’s not like i’ll remember their names/faces… although i guess walking around and being introduced to random ppl helped them recognize me so i get random “hi”s and smiles now…
[sidenote: i finally found out who the lady was who tried to sneak a few glances at me 2nd week at keppel.. at first i thought she was really creepy and kinda rude cuz she ignored my “oh you know my dad?” response to her “oh she *points to person in the next cubicle* told me you take after your dad, so i wanted to see” and then repeated that like 2 times because she thought i was stupid or something -_- and then just walked off… but she seemed kinda nice today — though she pretended she’d never seen me before – probably didn’t remember i caught her peeking at me.. – and it’s probably cuz my dad was there…]

and most people here think i’m 16.. although they try to make it sound nicer by saying “16 or 17”
when i responded with: oh haha i get a lot of 14s, they followed it up with: oh but that’s not possible..14 yr olds can’t work
the only reason why they say “16 or 17” is cuz that’s the minimum working age.
guess i haven’t “grown up” yet…

so towards the end of the day, the guy i’m helping came up — i think he was on his way upstairs to the documents room b/c he was holding the keys to the room — and said “hey there’s a new gate, want to try it?”
me: [blank stare]
him: [waves his keys around, points vaguely behind him] there’s a new gate.. you should give it a try
me: [thinking: the keys lead to the room upstairs..why is he waving them around telling me to try a new gate that’s behind him….] umm.. a new….gate???
him: [laughs] no no gate! c-a-k-e! it’s in the dry pantry.
me: [for some unexplainable reason, thinking…a new cat??? what… try a new cat…]
[5 sec later]
me: OH a cake! oh haha no no it’s ok thanks though
him: haha ok [leaves]

also, every MWF there’s something called “petty cash” for an hour after lunch.. i think that’s when ppl claim money or something in small amounts…
except whenever anyone around here says “petty cash” i think “petite cash”
so the first day when i explained it to my mom… “yeah this person does something called..petite cash?” she laughed her head off -_-

sigh. language barrier, anyone?
sometimes i think it takes longer to explain what i’m supposed to do/the questions i have than to actually get the stuff done once i understand…