ugh i can’t do anything anymore… my fatigue has caught up to me…
last night: slept at… 8:45? 9? *shrug* but i woke up at 9:30, thinking it was about 12ish. and then i looked at the clock and whaddya know. 9:30pm. wonderful. woke up at 7:30 this morning. sigh.

currently ave: 1 bk/day =)

bus stories pt2:

one morning a week or two ago, an indian guy sat next to me. he was a bit tall, and the seat in front of him was reclined slightly. thus, i assumed he needed more room for his long legs and shifted a bit accordingly. even so, his elbow continued to dig into my ribs for the entire journey, annoying me just slightly — but he was big, so whatever.
i told my mom about it when i got home, and she countered with: your grandma just told me that some guys purposely sit next to girls and elbow them, hoping to dig into their… chest area.
uhhh…… well good thing the guy only got my ribs, or it’d have been a lot more uncomfortable..

anyways, the next morning, a lady from the finance dept came up to me and asked if i took the #4 bus home.
when i answered affirmatively, she continued with: there’s an indian guy who takes the bus and he’s done this a few times already… i saw him yesterday, and when he went up the bus, he looked around — for small/little (size-wise) females — and he sat next to a small chinese girl sitting right behind the bus driver. as the journey continued, he kept shifting over to her side, effectively squishing her until she had no space to sit and had to lean forward, extremely uncomfortable. and i’ve seen him do this a few times already..always to the little females. so i thought i would warn you..if he sits next to you, just excuse yourself and move to another seat. or just sit in the outside seat and move in when the bus starts moving.

in a fit of paranoia, i thought back to the guy who had sat next to me the morning before..
a week later, however, i had seen him a few times on the bus (morning and afternoons), but i didn’t notice who he sat next to, so i was pretty sure he wasn’t the same guy she was talking about. in the afternoons, i began to look out for a big sized indian guy, but i could never see any get on the bus…

yesterday morning, a few stops into the journey to work, that same big indian guy sat next to me. i looked around to see if there were any other seats he could have taken, and lo and behold… most of the outer seats were still miraculously empty. which meant that he chose to sit next to me. the thing is, although it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary… the guys who get on the bus later in the journeys choose to sit next to other guys so they wouldn’t seem like creepos sitting next to girls — unless they already know the girl and then it’s just sitting next to a friend. but they know better than to sit next to female strangers. unless there aren’t any other convenient seats to take. but i guess this guy was too stupid to see that and he decided to seem like a creepo and sit next to me.
a few minutes later, he shifted in his seat, feigning uncomfortable-ness, and ever so slightly moved a few inches my way.
ok. definite creepo alert. from that point on, i kept looking around the bus, and alternatively glaring at him. i never looked directly into his face, but i saw him looking at me as in.. what are you doing…
then i started texting my mom telling her that this guy was next to me again. it was a hassle though, cuz i had to face the screen away, and then i realized cuz it was still dark out, that it reflected off the window, so i had to cover the screen and not see what i was typing -_-
you’d think he’d get the hint by now…
but no, as i was sending out my 2nd text, he shifted/moved over yet again. and once more.
i moved a little over to my side, and oh look. he moved again -_-
well then… he brought it upon himself.
at the end of the ride, as he was about to get off, i tapped him, hard, on the shoulder, and said: excuse me. maybe next time you should just ask me to move somewhere else —
guy: [in an indian accent] sorry what? [pulls his earphones out]
me: maybe next time you can just ask me to move somewhere else so you can get this seat to yourself and then you won’t have to keep squishing me. or i’ll think it’s weird that you chose to sit next to me when there were so many other seats you could have taken.
guy: ok [puts his earphones back in and hurries off the bus]

i don’t think he understood exactly what i said, but i’m pretty sure he got the gist =)
although i meant to say it much louder, it didn’t come out that loud… but a girl a row back heard and smiled sympathetically at me, so i’m pretty sure that people close to us would have heard the exchange — if they were paying attention (i don’t think they were though)

oh well. i don’t think this guy’s gonna sit next to me again.
maybe i’ll take a picture if he’s dumb enough to…