oh well guess it was good that i didn’t have time to post yesterday, or i’d have written a whole lot about this dumb place and how they restricted facebook and how i was prob the only one who used it around here and thus they must have stalked me and what i did to block the site.

yeah i was a little bitter yesterday without facebook…

anyways today i was asking something about what i was doing because i couldn’t find a whole bunch of bills, and i noticed that the person i asked just logged onto facebook! wow. amazing. 1) that someone here uses facebook –and thus i guess a lot of them do, i just don’t know it…. and 2) FACEBOOK WAS NOT BLOCKED. i was quite overjoyed, and when i told her i thought fb was blocked and i got really annoyed she just said the internet was a little messed up yesterday.



oh and i seriously get tired way too early now. and i keep randomly falling asleep…
oh well. tomorrow’s saturday! half day + casual. yay.

k lunch is over.