it is 6:15, the time it usually shows up. but it doesn’t, and yet, nobody seems to mind. probably because it’s happened before. then, 6:30 comes and goes, and it is still nowhere in sight. a few minutes later, they start looking around, concerned, questions just waiting to be voiced. finally, at 6:40, they resign themselves to the fact that it’s too late. even if it does show up later on, it doesn’t matter anymore.

ugh. that annoying bus. it tricks you into thinking it comes on time, but then, after a week or so of consistency, it arrives early (by a few minutes). then one or two days later, it arrives late (by 10+ min). and finally, a few days after that incident, it fails to arrive AT ALL -_- (or maybe it arrived at like 7, when everybody gave up and left already…)
so two guys come and ask if i wanna share the taxi/cab with them, but i had already called my mom to bring me home so i could catch a ride w/ my dad (who was leaving at 7..  i didn’t want to at first because i was afraid i’d be late…so it was a last resort.. but i arrived right on time so yay ^^ — close call though)
seeing as my dad’s leaving in a week or so, however, i think i’ll have to ask them to share their cab if the horrible vehicle fails to show up again, in case they think i can always hitch a ride with my dad and leave me alone from now on….


and i think i’ve gotten slower at doing stuff… sigh