saturday’s casual day… most of them wore jeans today, with a few people wearing shorts and another few wearing regular work clothes… i also realized that some people wear jackets (not very formal ones), so u can’t even see what they’re wearing inside… i could wear a jacket with a tshirt and they wouldn’t know cuz i’d just zip up….
oh i was just thinking… my formal isn’t as formal as their formal (M-F outfits) and my casual isn’t as casual as their casual… i wear about the same things M-S… -_-

anyways today was only half day… 7:30-11:30.. i stayed a bit longer (15 min) cuz i wanted to finish up what i was doing…. mailing invoice receipts. folding’s fun. i needa…be more social….

i think.. although it’s really tiring and being isolated for 8 hrs isn’t all that great… and i don’t really make an effort to talk to anyone cuz i’m too intimidated – and i don’t understand them sometimes and they’re older than i thought at first and there’s no time really to talk, especially since i’m in my own corner (kinda) (but they’re still generally nice)… even though i do routine work that isn’t all that important (so far)… i like the fact that it’s giving me something to do. yeah i’m tired and really in danger of fatigue overload – i’ve averaged about 4 hrs of sleep this past week – but i’m helping (hopefully) the people there by doing  the unimportant stuff that would take up their time usually that they can now spend on the more important things. i’m a little afraid that my being there though, is just giving them more work – they have to find things to keep me busy – rather than helping them out… (so hopefully that’s not the case). but yeah i like being helpful. and the environment isn’t all that bad… (i ❤ my ipod) .. just needa break through that silence/new person barrier before i leave…
and i think i’ve been spending more time out (after work, in the evenings) than i do usually when i don’t go to work (even though i had the whole day then..) *shrug* go figure.

i’m buying wayyy too much stuff here >.<


and i’m tired. again. least i get to sleep in tmrw! =)
strange how it seems like i’ve been interning forever, tho it’s only been 4.5 days…