whoops. i may have regressed today rather than made progress =
i think i talked less than the previous two days, and aside from asking about what to do, i only talked in the morning during the walk from the bus to the office…

on the bright side, i’m pretty sure i can finish filing tomorrow (finally! after three days… three boxes of invoices split, organized, and filed ^^), and today the guy said he wanted me to work on bills? invoices?? i have no clue, but he seemed to assume i knew what i’d be doing = hopefully he’ll be nice enough to explain, tho the girl’s a lot better at explaining and then giving an example, which makes life a lot easier…the guy always seems to be in a rush…
guess i’ll just have to see tomorrow..

in other news, i missed the stop coming back =( so i had to get off at the next stop (cuz nobody else got off at my stop! and yesterday one person did, so i kept waiting for him to press the bell today… except he didn’t -_- actually the bus is kinda weird cuz half the time some people are there and the other half of the time they’re not. and other people are there instead…and so random people get off at random stops >.< i’ve gotten off at 3 different stops my 3 different days…the driver must think there’s something wrong with me… and i’m going back to the 1st day stop tomorrow, rather than the 2nd day stop which is supposed to be my regular one… sigh) and then walk a little longer. but the walk’s pretty short.. i guess UT’s gotten me kinda used to walking =) i actually like that time.. walking some distance is a LOT better than climbing up and down stairs….

hoping tomorrow goes better than today
…and that i don’t seem toooo dumb not knowing what i’m supposed to already know =

OH YEAH i calculated my pay in the bus. so $600 for july. half days on saturdays, so that makes it about 24.5 days of work… round to 25 to make life a little easier… 600/25 = 24. so that’s $24/day. every day = 8 actual hrs of work (not including 1 hr lunch + 1/2 hr nap time cuz bus arrives way too early + 2-2.5 hrs of traveling). 24/8 = 3. $3 an hour. well a little more than $3 cuz i rounded up the 24.5. but when u do $3/1.4 (exchange rate)…. a little more than $2(US) per hour.
i kinda feel bad for the people working over here haha… no min wage and loooong working hours… (starting time is toooo early)