day 2 was kinda more fun, though i have to say the nicer people there are much friendlier to me than i am to them… they keep making friendly overtures, which i keep accidentally rebuking = hopefully i’ll be nicer in the future… the only downside is that they think i’m like.. 15 or something.. or i dunno how old, but i think they see me as a little kid -_- oh well.
got the bus schedules figured out =)

speaking of buses.. they arrive half an hour early -_- so i was there at
about 7am, and when i walked in, i noticed that the office was dark..
as in, no lights except one of the office room lights were turned on.
so i assumed they were all downstairs in the cafeteria eating breakfast
before work. except when i walked to my desk, it turned out almost
everyone was already at their desks…. napping. smart. so i did the
same =)

and today i did more than just organize… i was given a desktop to play with =) and now i have to upload and save files and whatnot, but… it has internet access! yay =)
my dad visited today.. just to say hey.

oh yeah. the stupid bells that ring to tell you when to get ready to start/stop work are SIRENS. as in the bomb-shelter sirens last heard during the cold war days or something. first time i heard it yesterday the words “atomic bomb!” flashed through my mind before i realized it was the lunch bell… i should record it and use it as an alarm or something.. bet my roommate would appreciate that a lot haha

tho the days are pretty long… time kinda.. flies. but i’m not exactly having fun… i guess just work makes time fly *shrug*

here’s to a good rest of the month

oh. i’m still horribly fatigued…