man this place is wayy different from the way i remembered it a year ago…
and i don’t mean the many new places that randomly popped up between then and now– and there have been many.. everywhere
it’s more like… what in the world.. a population explosion within a year?? this isn’t china…or nyc, for that matter. it’s singapore… we don’t have the space for that many people. and apparently prices went up for everything, so every time i ride the mrt, there are tons of ppl riding as well, and trying to get in and out becomes a desperate scramble to not get caught in between the train’s doors.
i left my godmother’s bookstore (with my mom and sis) at the same time people got off work. i guess that place just had a lot of office workers who all get off at the exact same time, because it looked like the ants scene in the new indy movie. where ants just keep going, and even if a lot of them are stopped there are much more coming along so it doesn’t even matter? like what my mom says about china and if all the people there decided to head in one direction or something along those lines…but yeah. neverending lines to get on the escalators, to get to the mrt trains, etc. it was a little intimidating..
and singaporeans are always in a rush! everywhere they go, they have to get there quicker. quicker than who? doesn’t matter, as long as they do it quicker. so they push and they shove and they find tiny gaps to squeeze through even though they might run into others, even though they might cut in line. doesn’t matter, cuz that’s the way everyone works -_-
(ok that may be a generalization, as i’m sure not everyone does that, but i think the real ones do… those who are nicer are either foreigners or visitors…)

anyways hopefully going to and from that internship place won’t coincide with all that traffic… according to my mom, i’ll start and end earlier, so.. *crosses fingers*

oh yes i got a haircut today. just a slight trim i guess– a few inches– and i’ll go again in a month to get it straightened and whatever else the hairdresser wishes to do… so i guess this year it won’t be “once a year” but twice =)

it’s funny how life is so different once you “finish” the trip and get back to “real life”…