almost at the end of my one week-ish stay here at HK
just started raining again yesterday; i’m grateful for the few days of heat and sun i guess, though i didn’t make any use of it, as i slept through many days while staying awake many nights (as usual).. dunno if i should call that jetlag or my regular sleeping schedule…

it was interesting though.. yesterday my mom and i went to the park’n’shop downstairs, but as we walked out, the door (the main door of the apartment building) blew wide open, pulling my mom with it. granted, it was just a few steps, but i thought it was pretty hilarious… and later on that night it turned out that the typhoon warning thing was at like level 8 or something, which was pretty high — thus explaining the strong winds. the trees were all swaying and dancing and generally bending to the will of the wind. and as it was still level 8 by 6am, people didn’t need to go to work or school this morning. lucky? and now it’s started pouring sporadically. i’m guessing the level is going down a bit in a little while, so the unlucky afternoon folks will have to work and educate themselves and all…

my one goal here: visit the park’n’shop at least once a day =)
[it’s like the kroger of where i stay in HK]

oh and have i mentioned… i’m nonsensically sick -_- so much for allergies.. its just plain and simple sick. what fun.


as for a china post… i don’t think it’s gonna happen; my journaling and emails will hopefully suffice.



PS. McD ice cream cones here are a mere $2.50! divide that by 7.8 and where does that leave you…