with less than four hours before we meet to drive to the airport for our early bird flight across the world, i have decided to…
write a quick (hopefully) entry
yay me…

and guess what? i haven’t packed yet =(

for those who still read my xanga entries, DO NOT CALL for the next few months. i can be contacted through facebook and email (albeit not consistently, i don’t think…)

anyways..i will miss
– driving around in my dad’s car (i’m not used to my mom’s lumbering vehicle anymore =)
– convos in the car! 🙂
– randomly hanging out
– my bed (surprisingly)
– a/c all the time

umm i had a lot of other, more substantial things to write, but those things have apparently slipped my mind, and i am now in a panic over packing (or rather the lack of). and i’m tired. sigh.

updates tbd