so many random thoughts floating in my head….
i stammer a lot when i’m flustered
i’m speechless when it feels like an 18-wheeler just rammed into me
and even with so much to say, nothing comes out
i’d rather blame myself.. it hurts less
pride causes a lot of pain
i don’t know many things, but i know i need others
so many people say this, but really, what if it WERE your last day? what really matters… in the end?
don’t let the sun set on your anger. so wise, but so hard.
knowing what to do is easy. doing it is hard.
there are no winners without losers..they come hand in hand
breaking is easier than building.
running in pouring rain is strangely soothing
why is it so hard?
old songs.. why does everything sound like lyrics?
spurs ftw.
step it up.
oh well.
listen to your heart.