sigh. today’s shaping up to be kinda dreary, with the bad humid weather and all…
it’s barely past 10AM, and already…
1) i’ve skipped class accidentally for the first time my two years by oversleeping
2) accidentally half punched the thick wall when making my bed, giving myself a somewhat red knuckle to match my sunburned self
3) gave myself a paper cut sticking my very depressing test into my backpack
and i’m still tired. and have a lot of stuff to do. bleh.

i feel like eeyore (i keep wanting to add an extra “e” at the end, but apparently that’s some yahoo/youtube/myspace/etc user.. )

i wonder what’s yet to come…

weather’s looking a lot better now though, so hopefully that’s a positive indication =)

random statement of the post: starting to appreciate 1 Corinthians more now =)
random SOTP 2: i don’t think i’d be able to deal with myself if i were another person or if another person were me (if that makes any sense at all…)