sigh i think i’m overdue for another post again..

unfortunately, i don’t believe any new thoughts have popped into my head yet…
for some reason, my memory has been going, and every day that has gone by feels like it happened many many moons ago… someone asked me about my weekend, and for some reason i couldn’t quite remember i had gone home… i mean, i remembered i went home SOMETIME, but it didn’t seem like this past weekend.. it seemed like quite awhile ago…. and the same thing goes for every day of the week… yesterday seems like last week… what in the world is going on…
maybe it’s sleep.. i’ve stopped logging my sleep hours, but i don’t think it’s been that bad yet… a lot of fluctuating, but i think overall i’m still sleeping a lot more than in previous years… oh well..
registration time… not as hectic as past years either. guess that’s what happens when it’s business all the way.

getting tired of the room.. guess it’s good that the year’s coming to an end… hopefully it’ll be a lot better next year..
kinda looking forward to the summer… 3 months.. hope it’s worth it..

semi-cold weather = good walking weather =)