i wish it were easier for people to pick up right where they left off, although i guess it won’t be feasible..
but i think (keyword: think) that i can do this with a few people (and hopefully they would agree if i ever told them that haha), which is really nice
i guess it just pushes me to try harder to shove things back on track again… too bad there may be many awkward stalls before the engine finally starts up again.. oh well. the effort will always be worth it i believe =)

anyways, no matter how much i WANT to be productive at home, no matter how few plans i have… it never works out… getting back early on friday didn’t even help… suddenly, it’s late saturday night (or early sunday morning), and we’re gonna be off to school once more
sigh. but….if i never bring back any hw, then there’s no chance at all that i’ll do it, right? except it’s just taking up space unnecessarily. ugh. whatta dilemma…

so many things i wanted to do that i have yet to do..guess i’ll be staying up
(or more likely, they won’t get done until much much later– aka after soph yr is over and i’m back for summer)
eugh so strange. i’m gonna be a junior after summer. and the once upon a time sophomores are gonna be SENIORS. is it just me, or does college fly by a LOT quicker than high school and past school years???

ahh so many last minute troubling/troublesome/annoying/frustrating minor things this weekend >.<