spurs won today =)
but…texas lost =(
and i guess the texas game was more important..since it was a one game elimination thing…final four would’ve been nice, but i’ve learned my lesson… don’t let your biases affect your brackets..

i still like good conversations..usually about life haha
it’s interesting seeing others’ point of views and perspectives on things, and when they happen to coincide with your own, it’s even more special…(i think)

i don’t think i have that much to say today, i just felt like i was overdue for another post…more and more now i only write when i’m deep in thought or when i have cryptic things to … expound upon (?? is that even the right way to use the phrase??) oh well…

it’s kinda strange how i sometimes forget the past so easily… (<– that was kinda random, even for me)