it’s amazing how prayer can reassure, relieve, and relax.
it’s even more amazing when it happens to me, yet i wasn’t the one praying for it…
there are no such things as coincidences =)

i know that i lack discipline in a LOT of areas, but there’s always time to start fixing all problems.. after all, i’m not THAT old yet haha, though SOME people don’t know better (sadly)
here’s to [finally] growing up after 19 years

i don’t think i’ve ever really appreciated my family’s love for me (but no time like the present to start!)
and though it’s already a couple days past easter, it just hit me today that… if i appreciate and am humbled by the things people are willing to do for me, how much more so should i feel those emotions when i think about what God had already done for me all those years ago? especially since nothing done today could possibly compare with even a tiny part of that?

God moment indeed =)

strangely (or maybe not so strangely), it feels like my worries and stresses, though still there, are just..taking a backseat for now… like, i know they still exist and i’ll have to face them and get over them, but there’s no point in dwelling excessively right now, because, no matter how big a deal i felt they were before… when i think about it… it’s really not…which doesn’t mean i can just forget about them, cuz i’m not wired that way… i just need to realize and keep realizing what i came across a few months ago:
life [eventually] works itself out. with no help needed from me. God can handle it all

and God’s been really nice about me trying to rely on myself a lot (not that it works out..)
it’s kinda like He’s saying “haha nice try…here lemme help you out even though you didn’t ask outright” instead of “how DARE you… here are the consequences of you uppity attitude”
if that made any sense…

midnight. time to sleep =)