as i was walking to class today, i felt strangely at peace, though i had yet to complete my hw.. i guess after yesterday, i’m starting to feel like there are more important things to life than grades and worrying about school? no worries though, i’m sure its a temporary thing and my stress will come back pretty soon =)
but yeah so i didn’t do my hw yet went to class without much stress, and suddenly the thought crossed my mind… “since i feel so abnormal today, i’ll probably see the albino squirrel again!” but then i laughed off that thought, believing that i had jinxed myself. i continued walking, and then… i saw two other people a little bit further along the path, using their phones to try to take a picture… in confusion, i glanced around to see what could be the cause of all that fuss, when i saw… albino #2! (it’s the more white one, rather than the more beige one)…
unfortunately, i wasn’t able to complete my hw, but i didn’t feel that much stress from it… however, we DID have a quiz, so…good luck? =)

and then when i walked out i saw it again…double luck!

the end.