yesterday’s ride was by far the most interesting trip from austin to sugar land (or back) i’ve been on so far…

car trouble? check.
miss the bus? check.
worried that we wouldn’t get back at all? check.
gas paranoia? check.
multiple calls? check.
phone about to die -_- most definitely check.
laptop died =( check.
GARGANTUAN MOON! check. (i thought it was a circular building lit up at first >.<)

for the first time, i didn’t sleep at all on that 3 hour road trip!
i guess nonstop phone calls + keeping an eye out for the roads + entertaining the driver + reaching into the backseats to get stuff every half an hour = formula for not sleeping on lengthy car rides =)

unfortunately, i fell asleep at 12:30 at home. so early! this is why being old stinks. sigh.
also, i dunno what to do w/ the present my parents gave me… i’m afraid to touch it, but i dunno if i’ll be home again anytime soon, so i guess i should start using it??  =(