haha i guess i really DO go on xanga streaks… cold and hot, depending on how life goes, maybe?

spring break was…over wayyy too quickly. i think the reason i like going home so much is that i’m never productive there at all; it’s when i can forget all my responsibilities and all those due dates because, hey, i’m home, which usually means i’m on a break or on vacation, and i don’t want to have to worry about those things.

on the flip side… it usually means i’m stressed out like crazy when i get back to the routine of school and stress. and i’ve figured out this year that i pretty much suck at dealing with stress. so me and stress don’t work well together. not that this realization has done much for me, as i just say i want to start earlier or be more productive when i don’t need to be so everything goes smoother, but for some reason time just flies by when you’re being lazy i guess, and thus the day’s over before i can even begin to do anything. sigh.

i was really powerful yesterday… the weather here in austin matched my mood pretty much at all times. creepy… or cool?

when life gets stressful, take a 20ish min break. be still (or take a peaceful walk) and listen to music, get your mind off the stuff that bothers you. it’s rather refreshing. =)