2ish hrs of sleep + lab 2-6 + acct test 7-10 = looooong day

and i even skipped stats (and acct was canceled cuz of the test)..and it was still really really long

i’m really horrible at labs… the TA had to wait until i finished before she could leave =(
i’m rather clumsy/klutzy and forgetful (ex1. i turned on the stirrer without the heat, and wondered why nothing was happening…. ex2. i turned on the melting point measuring apparatus, but left the power switch at 0, so no heat was added -_- and [not surprisingly] that stupid part took about..forever… ex3. i spill SO MUCH STUFF its amazing i don’t have holes all over myself/my clothes)

sigh. i was so tired that about half an hour into the test, i just wanted to take a break to rest my eyes (it was a 3 hr test), but i know myself well enough to realize that if i just “rested” for a “little bit” i might as well just turn in a blank test and come back to the room to sleep or something…prob wouldn’t wake up
and then, i kept calculating and getting an unknown for “Costs of Goods Sold”, which, if all the numbers were right, would have given me the answer to the question before.  except 5 min later, i suddenly read that it was “Costs of Goods Manufactured” and not “COGS”, which is quite different -_-
one page later, i calculated an answer rather quickly (about 2 min, which was REALLY good considering my stupor)
but as i glanced up and down the page, scrutinizing it, i soon saw that the question which I had answered was… not there anymore… nor was it on any other part of the test….. why would i hallucinate extra questions to do?? >.<

ok very tired now..feels like a thursday or friday really… even my loud rockish songs are just… background noises/music right now haha sighhhh