ahhhhh first time i’ve finished statistics hw before sunrise/dawn/daybreak/etc
too bad i had scheduled to finish it either last night or late afternoon today…

time to… relax? enjoy the day? sleep restfully?
the gallant organic chemistry is awaiting my attention.
both semesters of it, as we apparently need to know stuff from orgo I to do the stuff we just learned in ochem II -_-


albino squirrel, where are youuuu?

you know how we’re always encouraged to think, “how would you feel if Jesus/God treated YOU the way you treat others?” and then we’re like ohh yeahh and feel bad and be a little nicer, a little more patient, a little more loving, a little…more better…
at the same time, though, aren’t we also always encouraged by “we’re mere humans, we cannot possibly compare ourselves to Jesus, we’ll always fall short of God’s standards because we are NOT God.”
and while i know that we can’t just use the excuse “oh i’m human” to do whatever the heck we feel like and not do whatever we don’t feel like, while i know we’re supposed to give it all we’ve got and try harder whenever we fail…

the logic carries through to be something along the lines of:
we’re humans, whereas Jesus is God. we’re nowhere near those standards, nowhere near the perfection that was Jesus. thus, Jesus would never treat us like we treat others, because we are flawed and He is not.
which then stops that “encouragement” right there, no?
i mean, people can argue and call it a hypothetical question (“what if…?”), but it boils down to… that situation will never come about because it is just not possible. Jesus would never think badly or act wrongly, so..there’s no point in trying to argue around it…

oh..unless… justice comes in (i just thought of that…)
hmm i dunno anymore. gotta think a little about that =)
next shower perhaps?
[it’s pretty fun thinking in the shower, except when the water’s too hot or too cold and not just right… cuz then the thoughts just revolve around… turn knob…turn other knob… stupid water! ..turn kn…oh ok that works]