ugh talk about mood swings/ being bipolar… i think it just runs in the family.. maybe that’s why i’m messed up half the time -_-

thanks a lot, genetics.

don’t we all have the same purpose in life?
i sure thought i had that grand scheme all worked out, but apparently my ultimate purpose in life somehow deals with getting a job (that’s not at mcdonald’s) and making money, and being independent … or something to that extent… like all the other millions and billions of individuals existing in this circular life-giving planet.

too bad that umm i’m not really given the chance to be independent… or maybe this is another one of those conditional things… i’m allowed in some aspects but not really… a smokescreen of sorts… an illusion! there we go…

i thought i had another purpose, but i guess that’s not gonna fit in this new grand scheme of things…

man i’m sure learning a lot of wise life lessons this semester…
pretty soon i’ll be able to teach my own class! Life 101 (aka Introduction to Cynicism)

over and out.