thanks, God =)

it’s really weird how much life can change within a matter of a few days, a week, a short period of time
for better or for worse

i think now i can safely say that the fact that most of my life = uncertain is now definitely not true
what can i say? life works out
…cuz God made it that way

we just happen to run into the occasional bumps on the road as reminders that uhh we’re not supposed to plan it out, but let it happen, and no matter how we feel in the moment, it’s always pretty good in retrospect (hindsight and all that, yeah?)

anyways, 2 of 3 stress factors have pretty much been settled (hopefully i’ll have no regrets later on, but whatever, i’m excited/happy about it now)
as for homework/school/junk…. 13 hours looks pretty good right about now

all-nighter? let’s see how hard/time-consuming this week’s statistics hw is…