i’ll never doubt his(? her? its? *shrug*) magical powers of luck again.

so on tuesday, i was dreading a “pop” quiz in accounting, as the squirrel is supposed to bring luck to exams and stuff like that, and in order to bring luck (aka a good grade), it has to occur, right? yes, i have great logic skills.

anyways, instead of a pop quiz on tuesday, he announced that we would be having a quiz on thursday. the next day (wednesday), he emailed us to say that he was trying out a new thing, where our quizzes would be online and he’d give us an hour for a 15-30 min quiz and it’d be open until saturday midnight. i shoulda thanked the squirrel then. but that’s ok. so i slept at 6, but that doesn’t matter either. i feel like i’m going to dread ochem lab, but that was already a given. slept through part of stats class, but oh well, it’s not like it’s that interesting anyways.

SO. i’m about to get on an elevator, when someone in my class asks if class is canceled. i shake my head hesitantly, cautiously, somewhat confused.  and she replies with a nod, “yes i think class IS canceled.” i get back to my room and GET THE EMAIL saying that the prof has the flu, not some weird tree fever thing that he thought he had and so class is now canceled. and i finished today at 10:45AM
along with the WF schedule of ending at 9am

i’m going to stalk that little critter now =)