1. 13 hours makes me a slacker. or a lazy bum. either works

2. however, fiddling with my course schedule is pretty much torture.  and just plain annoying.  especially when it turns out that 50% of what i tried to change actually got through.  too bad it’s the other 50% that i actually need to change -_-

3. doomsday is now in less than two days =( i didn’t notice until earlier today, while checking the date to write down in my notes…

4. i’ve come to realize that trying to keep up with all the homework and reading and etc. is very difficult, which is probably why i always give up right when i start falling behind (aka first day of class). after all, why bother expending all that energy in the first place when it won’t even last (aka there’s no point, so forget it)?

5. NO SCHOOL MONDAY!! i like home when i’m not expected to be productive =)

6. how am i supposed to fit everything in one tiny carry-on bag??

7. first life lesson this semester:  it doesn’t matter if you don’t like something. if you work hard enough at it, you’ll end up getting lots of opportunities (of course, “working hard” = enough to beat everyone else to be #1 in the class/school/etc).  and then maybe you’ll grow some interest in it.  maybe.  if not, oh well, you’ll still get a job and get paid.  besides, this is the real world.  not everyone ends up with a job they like.  that’s just an ideal that you learn in fairy-tale world.

8. parents keep some stuff “secret” because we don’t need to know everything, because we’re too young, because they want to “shield” us as long as they can.  and then they whip it out – the ace of spades card hidden up their sleeves – to win the game.  surprisingly enough, it actually works.  i guess timing really is everything.
oh yeah. i HATE the whole sympathy/nice card they play as well.  either i give in, or i end up feeling like a jerk. it’s usually the first option, as i feel bad, but then i think it ends up adding to my shelf of resentment somewhere in the back of my organized mind, which…isn’t necessary.  nor is it good. they should’ve just let me be for the moment. sigh.