time to get going

i feel cheated of one more day, as my parents informed me a mere two to three days ago that we were leaving on saturday, not sunday, even though that’s the line we’ve been spouting for the past few weeks (they all wanna go shopping at san marcos..keyword THEY)
now i’ll have to leave the comforts of my room (and house) to battle the end of this horribly chronic-like random illness..perhaps (hopefully) the change in environment/scenery will cure me =)
if not, i pity my roommates, who will have to deal with the wheezing and the neverending constant coughs (and, unfortunately, the disgusting phlegm that accompanies it..that stuff almost makes me wanna throw up at times)

unfortunately, i have been grossly unproductive this winter break, aside from much hanging out and guitar heroing and, towards the end of vacation, getting a TON of sleep. well there were one or two days i was kinda productive (in my book), but eh in the grand scheme of things… not very.

looking forward to SPRING BREAK … but seriously, is a consistent spring break too much to ask from those calendar decision makers? i can see how schools from different states have differing spring break weeks (kinda, though spring break should really be the 2nd or 3rd week of march, so the fact that it spans all througout the entire month of march is slightly puzzling)… but the fact that within the state of texas (and we’re talking public schools, at that), we have at least 2 different spring breaks… SIGH
oh well… time for visits?? =)

oh yes, and i will return home in a week. so no complaining allowed from me about school until after mlk day (the kinda long stretch till spring)

doomsday #2: 7 days
on the bright side… this time round, i need not worry about being allowed to bring my cell phone =)