oh the joy

one week left to prepare for the brand new semester.  i finally decide to try to figure out what is wrong with me (besides the annoying sore throat, of course, and the accompanying cough).  i get out a thermometer, just to find out that my temp is between 100.3 and 101.3 (i did it twice.. first time i got 100.3 in one ear and 101.3 in the other, second time i got 100.5 and 100.7 -_-)

the ironic thing is, my hands are so cold that i often think i may be having a fever.  except when i check, i don’t really.  and now i’m trying to convince myself that i’m just fine and dandy, that it’s a mere sore throat that will right itself sooner rather than later, and whoop de doo.. yay for high temperatures.  maybe, if it gets high enough, i can cook eggs in my mouth! i think my brain would be frying by then haha

anyways, the past week has been rather fun =)
make the most of the final week!