what utter nonsense…

so for the two days that i’ve been back, i’ve woken up at 12:30 (pretty bad) and then the next day at 3:30.

seriously? 3:30pm??? WHO sleeps until 3:30pm!? WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I SLEEP UNTIL 3:30pm?! and it’s not like i don’t have a chance to wake up, i’ve been waking up for a little bit at 9:30ish/10am everyday, and then today when my mom came back from school she woke me up at 12:30 or 1:30 (i don’t remember), but i just turned away and continued sleeping. i don’t like this method of catching up on sleep, it makes everyday reallllly short and with my added unproductivity (aka laziness), i’ve been doing absolutely nothing.

oh well. it’s only the beginning of break…hopefully i get my fill of sleep and stop having to mini-hibernate or whatever this is… and maybe i’ll become more productive =)
hah. that would be a christmas miracle alright…

gone from thurs-mon. cruising. here’s hoping it’ll be fun!

oh yes. i despise unpacking, packing, and christmas shopping.