ah today was interesting…

woke up at 9something, not 7:30 as originally planned (unfortunately) and rushed to pack and then shower.  however, i still managed to keep everyone waiting. and towards the end, i got really dazed and confused… that was fun.

anyways, it was a landmark day for one reason:
today was the first time (that i can remember, not including the days of my youth, aka < 6 yrs old) that i didn’t brush/comb my hair…
i’m still amazed i’ve held out for so long =)
so i showered, went back to the room, started piling up the things i wanted to bring back home, and then my family arrived.  my mom started throwing everything in a box (to hasten the packing time), and by the time i realized it, my brush was nicely packed and shipped to the car down in the garage…
and i didn’t find time afterwards to use it. oh well. i haven’t really seen myself, so i wouldn’t know how bad it is

christmas shopping is irritating and frustrating. i’ve got about 2-3 days to complete it all… sigh.

on the bright side. home sweet home = TV TIME!

alright, time to face the freezing climate.